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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Transformers Fan Creates Remarkable Stop-Motion Film

By Dave Bouressa

If there is one thing that the Transformers fandom has relied its long life to, it is the incredible fandom as its backbone, and not the transforming shooting robots themselves-something the crew behind Michael Bay's recent four (and soon to be five) films have failed to realize.

However, after six full months of production, a Transformers fan has come out of the woodwork and created what, as far as I have experienced, the most incredible stop-motion fan film to date for any franchise. Finally, Transformers fans have a (short) film to not be ashamed of.

Obviously animation is taking a picture of point A, taking another picture of point B, taking another at point C  and playing them in sequence to create the illusion of movement-however, the man behind this video, Harris Loureiro, has somehow managed to add just the right amount of movement between shots for a fluid and "realistic" stop-motion video.

Be sure to check out more of Harris' videos over at his Youtube page, and support him via Patreon.


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