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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Jurassic World" Trailer Brings John Hammond's Dinosaur Park to Life

By Dave Bouressa

Jurassic Park-a classic film that pits scientific discovery over the power of nature, and a film that was truly groundbreaking for industry changing special effects that still hold up over 20 years later. With a decent sequel and a laughably bad third film, Jurassic Park fans thought they had seen the end of a world filled with dinosaurs and humans thinking they could control them. That is, however, until Jurassic Park 4: Jurassic World was announced...

Fans, of course, were skeptical. Having been burned by the third film, how could a fourth film turn it around? Especially with rumors of a human/dinosaur hybrid-surely that would be laughable and just plain silly. However, after announcing that the trailer would premiere Thanksgiving weekend, Universal Studios has decided to release the trailer to Jurassic World several days early, and it appears that they have brought life back to a franchise thought to be extinct.

What makes this trailer truly amazing is that it shows what Jurassic Park was supposed to look like according to the vision of John Hammond, had everything not completely gone to hell prior to the opening of the park. It truly is a dinosaur theme park, and everything Hammond could have wanted, which makes it even more bittersweet that the man who played John Hammond, Richard Attenborough, passed away in August of this year. He would have loved to see his imaginary dinosaur theme park in full force.

Also, Chris Pratt on a motorcycle-with velociraptors. Enough said.

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12, 2015

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