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Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Look at 'Rebel Hunter' Agent Kallus of 'Star Wars: Rebels'

By Dave Bouressa

As the premiere date for Star Wars: Rebels comes closer by the day, Lucasfilm has let out another introduction video for one of its upcoming characters, this time introducing us to the Imperial Agent Kallus, also known as the "Rebel Hunter", voiced by David Oyelowo.

Kallus is an ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) agent tasked with hunting down any potential sparks of rebellion and eliminating them, while maintaining order throughout the empire.

HeroComplex has the exclusive scoop on the imperial agent. Check out the introduction video here:

“We definitely wanted to capture that ’70s feeling that was so strong in ‘A New Hope,’” says Filoni. “Art director Kilian Plunkett and I looked at a lot of reference to try and make that influence fit into ‘Rebels.’ At one point we had [Rebel pilot] Zeb in bell bottoms.”
Unlike some of the more outlandish “Star Wars” looks, Kallus’ mutton chops are easy to grow for potential cosplay opportunities.
“I’m hoping to see some people sporting that look at Comic-Con next year,” Filoni adds.

Getting an actor of Oyelowo’s stature for the series was something of a coup for the “Rebels” creative team. He may not yet be a household name, but fans have bandied his name about as perfect casting for iconic characters such as James Bond and Doctor Who. - (source)

Be sure to check out Agent Kallus in the trailer for the upcoming series.

Star Wars: Rebels comes to Disney this October with an hour long special, followed by a full season on Disney XD.


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