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Monday, June 30, 2014

New Photo Released From The Set of Batman v. Superman

By: Bailey Casello

A photo has been released today of how Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill) will look in his reporter get up...

Now if you all remember at the end of Man of Steel he was rocking some plaid, the big glasses, and the curly hair (ladies contain yourselves).
They will never suspect I'm Superman with these glasses on!

Let's just say they improved, but... um... don't you think it will be a bit obvious as to who he really is?
Hubba hubba
They grow up so fast, don't they? Moving along, Cinema Blend shared the picture and in their article mentioned.... Lex Luthor and the Justice League! The more I see about this movie the more pumped I get. Here's hoping for something good, and don't forget to check back to The Sonic Saber for more updates.

First look at Henry Cavill in the Superman suit. Picture provided by followingthenerd.

Still looking good.


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