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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Marvel Releases New "Guardians of the Galaxy" International Trailer

By Dave Bouressa

Marvel Studios has just put out a brand new trailer for its upcoming flick Guardians of the Galaxy and take a look.

Personally, this trailer feels severely underwhelming. With its previous trailers as a comparison, it went from being something new and unreal and something nobody's seen before to a cliche "We're a bunch of outcasts, but the galaxy is in trouble, so we need to put our differences aside and save everybody and have some quirky moments along the way" trailer that we've seen a million times in just about every other summer movie-in fact, while reading that description, replace "galaxy" with "world" and you have the synopsis for The Avengers.

And given the very close release date, it is assumed that this will be the last full trailer for the film, and that is disappointing. It is similar to ending a pre-game on a bad note. Hopefully this underwhelming cliche trailer does not hinder the audience attendance, because this will certainly be a movie to see.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits the UK and Ireland on July 31st followed by a US release of August 1st.


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