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Saturday, June 7, 2014

George Lucas Couldn't Care Less About Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Pictures

By Dave Bouressa

George Lucas, the creator of the world-wide famous Star Wars franchise, retired from film-making last year and gave the CEO position of his company to Kathleen Kennedy, and seems to be taking retirement..."well".

In a recently released video from TMZ, a heckler asks Lucas about the upcoming films and the recent "leaked" pictures from the sets, and Lucas can only shrug and say "Oh well, I'm retired".

On one hand, this could just be Lucas just brushing off a heckler to get in his car, but Lucas seems to taking retirement by the balls and laughing because this "Star Wars stuff" is everybody's else's problem now. Lately, Lucas seems to have really taken the critisim of the past 14 years of prequels to heart. In fact, one of his closing statements to his retirement was this...

Although I do hope for at least some kind of Lucas input on the upcoming films, the time has come to pass the torch. As a director and script-writer, retirement was probably for the best, but for the past six years, he has provided story ideas for the Clone Wars television series, proving that the man still has one hell of an imagination and love of story-telling, he just needs someone else to help tell the stories for him. 

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