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Sunday, May 4, 2014

EXCERPT: Star Wars: A New Dawn

By: Bailey Casello

As we all know, the expanded universe was announced as non-canon. Which means the dawn of a new era of books (see what I did there... pun?).

Randomhouse, and John Jackson Miller have given the fans a mini excerpt of the coming book A New Dawn, set to be released September 2, 2014. Set between Episode III and Episode IV, during the Dark Times, the story follows how our two new heroes from Star Wars Rebels come to cross paths.

Let it be known that there is an emphasis on the mini. It may only be a paragraph, but it is something.

Here is the excerpt from Star Wars Books on Facebook:

"It was time to move. Hera picked out the identifying transponder signal of a ship in the convoy. One button-push later, her ship was that vessel, as far as anyone trying to watch traffic was concerned. With practiced ease, she weaved her freighter into the chaotic flood of cargo ships heading to the moon. None of these guys can fly worth a flip, she thought. It was just as well it wasn’t a recruiting trip. She probably wouldn’t have found anyone worth her time."

If you would like to preorder the book here is the link:

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