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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pokemon Fan Makes the 3D Free-Roaming Online Pokemon Game We've Always Wanted

By Dave Bouressa

You all know that age old picture roaming the internet of a dream come true, where there is a Pokemon game that is fully 3D, has every Pokemon game in it, and has the graphics of a next-gen console? Well it looks like we are quickly on our way. Introducing "Pokemon NXT".

Currently still in the early Alpha testing, players will be able to free-roam across the world, collecting hundreds of wild Pokemon. Players can choose either "NXT Action" which is a real-time combat system, similar to games like Skyrim, or "Classical" which is turn based-and more in the spirit of Pokemon. As of now, players start with all three Kanto starters-Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Whether or not this will remain in the final beta is still to be determined. 

You can download the alpha here. If the link does not work, try again later. The site has been overloaded with traffic.  Gamers have wished for this type of game for years-and someone is finally making the dream of Pokemon trainers of the world come true! Be sure to check it out while you can! Unfortunately, the main website for the game seems to be in its default web browser state, so either no effort has gone into the site, or more likely,  it appears Nintendo is already starting to crack down on this. Get it while you can, because you may not be able to for much longer.


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