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Friday, January 24, 2014

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, Has Signed a Three-Film Deal With Warner Bros.

By Dave Bouressa

According to a report from, Gal Gadot-who has been confirmed to be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel film, has signed on with Warner Bros. for a three-film deal.

We're told Gadot will play the role in not only the upcoming Batman-Superman pic, but in a Justice League movie and a Wonder Woman standalone film.

Limiting the deal to three pictures makes sense for Warners since the studio still doesn't know how audiences will react to Wonder Woman in the unititled Batman-Superman movie. Since it's taken so long to find the right parts to make a Wonder Woman movie work, WB and DC don't want to rush int on a large commitment if fans are still drawn to a standalone movie featuring the character.

So this confirms a few things. 

1) The Man of Steel sequel (or as been nicknamed, Batman Vs Superman) is NOT the Justice League film that many have speculated.

2) A Justice League film IS happening. Whether or not Man of Steel 2 is a direct prequel (aka, "Justice League Origins") to that is still to be determined.

3) We are almost-definetely-kind of-sort of-maybe getting a Wonder Woman standalone film. Much like WB and DC, I think they should have signed her to 2 films and a possible third. Warner Bros needs see how audiences react to her in MoS before assuming that she can carry her own film, and they are no stranger to that fact. Wonder Woman has always been a very difficult character for Warner Bros. to pull off outside of the animated universe, however, it can be done-as proven by this short film done by Rainfall Films.

However, considering DC's hesitation that certain characters aren't strong enough to carry their own film has been challenged by Marvel's confident decision with it's Ant Man film, who knows what tricks DC and Warner Bros will have to pull out of their sleeves to keep up. 

After originally being scheduled for next Summer, it has been moved to the following year to avoid competition with major film titans such as Avengers 2, Star Wars Episode VII and many more.

Man of Steel 2 comes out May 6th, 2016.


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