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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tom Hiddleston Crashes Marvel's San Diego Comic Con Panel as Loki

By Dave Bouressa

Loki has always been an interesting character to me. The ladies love him, yet he's the bad guy. I know many girls love "the bad boy", but Loki is considerably on the low end on the "bad-ass" scale, yet he is much more interesting than the main hero of his film franchise, Thor.

To understand this phenomenon, internet reviewer Doug Walker has provided a great look into the character and why we treat Loki in the way that we do.

So as you can see, Loki has reached a new level of "villain" that everyone oddly respects and in a way admires much more than the heroes. And that has never been more prevalent than at this years San Diego Comic Con.

During Marvel Studio's panel, all seems to be going well until the microphones suddenly stop working and the lights go out. Then this happens....

As you can see, Loki is treated as a god (no pun intended). He has become the "rock star" of the Marvel Universe among fans, even more so than Robert Downy Jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man. This sort of fandom is exactly why Hiddleston has stated that after "Thor 2", he will be done playing the character, because of fear of being type-cast.

Completely understandable, so why not enjoy the limelight while he still can?

By far the greatest part of the entire video is when Hiddleston slowly and calmly raises his finger to his mouth to quiet the crowd, and they not only obey, but obey in an almost hypnotic trance as if Loki, himself, has power over the crowd. It truly brings chills.

"Thor 2: The Dark World" comes out November 8th 2013

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