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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update: 2.1 Customization

By Bailey Casello

Star Wars The Old Republic has released more information on what will be in the update 2.1: Customization.

"Get ready to customize your look and enjoy the benefit of being able to change your look to suit your play-style or mood!"

To our readers who play this game, this update, along with the new Cathar species, will allow players to update their characters. They are now introducing the Appearance Designer Kiosk.

With the appearance designer you can update your wardrobe, hairstyle, species, and more. Just about anything you can update, will be able to be changed. You'll be able to find this in the Cartel Market as well, not just the Appearance Kiosk. Subscribers will receive discounts on purchases made for the appearances. You'll be able to find access on both of the fleets (Republic and Empire) as well as the capital worlds.

  This could be a really addition to the game, considering there are changes that I'd like to make to my toons, and it could provide more opportunities to fine tune the appearances of our toons. I look forward to being able to experiment with the new options and seeing what this kiosk will offer.

Check back to The Sonic Saber for more news on update 2.1.

New Dye Modules to change the color of your armor also coming.
Game Update:2.1 is coming on May, 14th 2013
Here is the video on Dye Modules!

New Video released for Update 2.1: Customization. Watch it below.

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