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Saturday, May 4, 2013

REVIEW: Iron Man 3

By Bailey Casello

I will start off by saying that I'm going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but there may be some, so be warned.

Next I will say they did a fantastic job of ending the trilogy. Cinematically, this film was awesome. I honestly did enjoy this movie as a whole. There were a lot of sentimental moments, plenty of funny moments (the kid that they had in this movie was awesome on so many levels), and the special effects were really cool. I would definitely go see it again, and I will probably end up owning it because as a film it has many rewatchable elements.

Speaking of special effects, the inner fire that you will see once you see the movie, is spectacular, no complaints there. That is all that needs to be said, it was simply awesome.

Because of the ending it really begs the question of whether or not Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) will even be apart of the Avengers movie. I can't really see him doing more than a cameo at this point. But I will touch more on that later. If you want to know what happens go see the movie, but lets just say Mr. Stark is a changed man.

In this movie Tony Stark has figured out a way to manipulate the suits so that it assembles in pieces, and so that he can put the suit on whoever he wants. This was a nice touch. This all came about because of his inability to sleep. They were able to tie the Avengers movie into Iron Man 3, essentially showing us a new side of our otherwise cool-cat Tony Stark. The audience had the chance to see the PTSD side of Stark; who can't even mention the word New York, or really think about anything that causes him extreme anxiety. Throughout the movie we see him have frequent panic attacks which inhibit his ability to think straight until someone is able to be rational with him.

The idea of the Mandarin was a cool concept, but handled terribly. This is where I need to do some spoiling, so if you don't want to know, don't read on...Ben Kingsley is a great actor, we all know this, but either have Ben Kingsley play a role worth being played by him or leave. The character of Mandarin was portrayed by Ben Kingsley and that was what he was supposed to look like, but all of that was a ploy, instead Kingsley ended up being a buffoon and the handsome Guy Pierce turned out to be the real mastermind. This would be fine, but they didn't do that from the beginning. And even though the nerdy, drunk, druggy ploy was hilarious, I didn't think it was necessary. To tie into that, what the hell was the plan anyways?! Aside from the quest to "perfection" what in the hell was the point?! Just a minor annoyance I guess, but an annoyance nonetheless.

I had a few other minor issues with the movie, like why would they let something like War Machine (because Iron Patriot is a dumb name), on a plane with the president without actual verification of identity.... They seems really reckless. But who am I to talk?

Another issue I had, which I will say without spoiling much, is the ending. It was rushed, we never really figure out what he did to fix the thing he needed to fix, and the fact that essentially we come to find out that the arc reactor is completely unnecessary and could have been fixed at any point. And the last thing I had a minor issue with was why he spends almost the entire film fixing his one suit, when he clearly had an army of suits as back up. I don't know, seems a little counter productive.

Aside from those things I loved this movie, I can't emphasize that enough, it was really well done. And make sure when you go see it you stay for the after credits!!!!

On a quick side note, I mentioned the fate of Iron Man and the Avengers. It has been rumored that Robert Downey Jr. is reconfiguring his contract and that in the foreseeable future (2015 or 2016) there could be an Iron Man 4. And it has been said he (Iron Man) has a sizeable role in the Avengers 2, whether or not RDJ is playing him though is still up in the air. Check back to The Sonic Saber for more news.

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