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Friday, April 26, 2013

TRAILER: Thor 2: The Dark World

By: Bailey Casello

November 2013 the second installment of Thor will be released to theaters.

Thor 2: The Dark World picks up with Thor "fighting to protect the realms from an ancient race, being led by the vengeful Malekith, who is trying to plunge the universe back into darkness."  He will be reunited with Jane Foster, and from the looks of the trailer, it seems as if someone in this movie is going to die. But that is simply speculation.

In the trailer, we hear Thor tell Jane, "I gave you my word.. I would return." I thought that was a nice touch, just grazing on the love story between them.

This movie, compared to the first Thor, seems to be a tad less comedic or corny. I'm not sure which word best suits this. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first movie, but this one I believe will show us more of the action, and hopefully a fuller spectrum of lightning use from our Norse Lightning God. We also get a glimpse of Thor asking Loki for help. Loki looking a bit disheveled is slightly surprised at the request for help, but with his evil and yet somehow charming smile, he simply asks "When do we start?".

I have high expectations for the movie and I think it will be an intriguing watch. Jane (from the looks of the trailer) will get to see Asgard, Thor asks Loki for help, and the enemy is someone even Odin has a hard time handling. I get excited just thinking about it. I do have some issues with Thor's hair, and I would like to see the helmet brought back, but minor details.

Let us know what your thoughts are.

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