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Friday, April 26, 2013

Star Wars: The Old Republic Cathar Update 2.1:Customization

By: Bailey Casello

 Fight as the Cathar!
There really isn't too much that the site gives besides the video, which I have posted here.

Just a little history on the species: The Cathar are a feline humanoid species from the planet Cathar (what a concept right?). We typically, in game, spend a lot of time fighting them on our missions on the planet Taris (a lower level planet). The Cathar were seen as loyal, passionate, and quick with temper. They are great warriors and efficient predators. They were led to near extinction by the Mandalorians during the Battle of Cathar, over 90% of their population was wiped out and the survivors were forced off planet.

In game, with this new update all the classes will be able to unlock the species Cathar. There will be different faces and patterns to choose from it looks like, and judging from the video, these toons are going to be quite badass looking.

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