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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TRAILER: "The Wolverine" International Trailer

By Bailey Casello

As we all know, this July 26 is the release date of the much anticipated movie "The Wolverine". Set to take place after X-Men 3: The Last Stand. The trailer was released today, and depicts in the beginning a scraggly looking Hugh Jackman walking around forlornly and being followed by some woman saying she has been waiting to meet him for a year. Throughout the trailer we catch glimpses of different fighting scenes, as well as a camio appearance of the late Jean Grey. In it there is a Japanese man telling Wolverine that he has a way to make him mortal...

I'm going to stop right there. Mainly because there are 2 things wrong with this already. First being that since this movie is supposed to take place in Wolverine's Japanese samurai training days, he is not even supposed to know who Jean Grey is. This all happens pre- X-men. At this point in his life he has lived in Canada, been with  Silver Fox, and now has gone to Japan and trains with samurai, and becomes a master at all forms of martial arts, as well as marrying a woman named Itsu (with whom he will have a son, Daken).

Second, making Wolverine mortal, there is nothing about this statement that sits right on my tongue. Part of the reason that he cannot die is due to his ability to regenerate broken down areas of his body and cellular damage at a faster rate than most humans, along with this his life span is greatly expanded because his body is constantly renewing itself. So unless this Japanese man has a serum that can completely undo that and take away his mutant powers (which would just be X3 all over again) I really don't like to see where this is going. Although the trailer does hint at something connected to Wolverine's heart. But seriously come on now.

Other than these couple of points, and one more nit-picky thing the claws look even more CGI than they did in the last film, the trailer still teases the mind and leads us to wonder where they will be taking Wolverine's story. The movie looks like it will still be fun to watch and just as good as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and maybe even better depending on how far they mess up this time. I am hoping, and still very much looking forward to, this new Wolverine movie since he is my favorite mutant.

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