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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disney "Order 66"'s Entire Lucasfilm Animation and Clone Wars Team

By Dave Bouressa

A new report from has reported on the new situation regarding Disney shutting down Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it isn't good...

From Rebelscum:

It seems that the team behind the series will not be a team for much longer. While the status of Season 6 story arcs is still unknown, reports indicate that Lucasfilm employees responsible for bringing the show to life are being reassigned or let go.

It's also been suggested to me that, while last week's statement on teased future "bonus content," it's far from certain that fans will ever see that content.

One source familiar with developments at Lucasfilm told me that the changes at Lucasfilm Animation go beyond The Clone Wars team. This individual described a dramatic downsizing of the entire division and said that Disney planned to place future Star Wars TV projects in the hands of its existing television operation. While the source did not name names, it appears likely that veterans of the animation division and The Clone Wars in particular may be leaving the company.

This is some of the most demoralizing news regarding Star Wars in a very long time. If this is truly the case, the fact that Disney is now running Star Wars worries me profusely. The Clone Wars team has been a family, from the actors, to the writers, to the animators and many more, and Disney seems to be taking them out one by one. How are fans supposed to feel when the most magical place on Earth has shut down one of the best animated shows on television, only to assure us that things are going to be "ok".

Dave Filoni understood what made a good show, because he was the perfect middle man. He was a business man trying to make a good show, AND he was a fan. Disney executives aren't both. And that is proven by how they are handling the situation.

First, we lose The Force Unleashed 3, then we lose Battlefront 3, then we just recently heard of Star Wars: First Assault-which also isn't doing well (of which all videos have been removed from Youtube, via request from Lucasfilm), Star Wars: Detours has been "postponed", and now Disney is not only canceling, but pretty much demolishing Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Disney seems to be having a pissing contest, by saying "We own Star Wars, and we are going to do it our way, and take out anyone we want". First of all, we're getting five new Star Wars films. Think about that. Five! That's almost the entire current saga, in just a few years! Also, if Disney is taking over future Star Wars television as well, we can pretty much expect things to follow the same way. Five movies, that's not enough! Let's add 5 TV shows to it as well!

I am a massive Star Wars fan, and I have loved it since I was a wee lad. But this is just too much...

Although I feel as though the damage has been irreversibly done, people continue to send mail to Disney and it's headquarters to possibly sway the people behind this to change their minds. Should you decide to join in on this, send your mail here:

Bob Iger
Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521

Again, I personally believe the damage is done, but I pray that I am wrong. Some have suggested even boycotting/protesting at "Star Wars Weekends" at Disney later this May/June. But I feel like that instead of Disney thinking "Oh, we screwed up", they will only think that public interest in Star Wars has decreased, which is hurting the cause even more. There is no winning scenario.

Please let Episode VII be good...because at this rate, I'm not having high hopes with Disney piloting the Millenium Falcon...


  1. it´s horrible to see how Disney just stops all this new, wonderful ideas :/

    yeah, as you said, we get five movies, but is cancelling SWTCW really a good thing for publicity?

    in my opinion, it´s ridiculous, but if Disney want to screw everything Dave Filoni & co. did since 2005 they will see (actually they can see it right now...) how far it will take them. They should be reminded just how many Star Wars fans are out their, not just only the Mega-Hyper-Fans, but also the small fans who are just happy to see the movies/the serial and who want nothing more or less.

    May the Force Be With You,