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Friday, February 15, 2013

Star Wars Fighting Game Footage Released

By Bailey Casello

So apparently there was supposed to be a new Star Wars fighting game. Which honestly if there was going to be a new game I would prefer that someone gave us Knights of The Old Republic 3, but I digress.

According to the president, Josh Tsui, "The footage (which I have posted below) is in-game footage and it is meant to show proof of a concept." Source

Here are my thoughts: one, like I stated above I would prefer that KOTOR 3 was a thing, mainly because the KOTOR games are so fun and really well done. Another thought I had was this actually has potential to be kind of cool. Depending on how well done the game is, and if the controls would be easy it would be nice to have a new Star Wars dueling game, but at the same time if they would be doing this in 3D then why not do something like create a super epic battle within a game. This idea also has a lot of potential to get stale really fast. You can only have so many different versions of Mortal Kombat. There would have to be changes and updates constantly. There would need to be different characters as well. I mean as cool as it would be to fight with the usual characters one would hope that they would incorporate some of the other characters in the universe. Maybe some EU guys. It's not like there aren't plenty to choose from.

The video shows a duel between Anakin Skywalker, and the Clone Wars version of a revived Darth Maul.


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