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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slenderman Web-Series "Marble Hornets" Getting Feature Film

By: Dave Bouressa

You hear that sound? That is the sound of a thousand terrible things heading this way.

Soon, millions across the globe will be wetting themselves.

A report from reports that the Marble Hornets webseries that has been on Youtube for quite some time has finally been picked up for a full feature film. had this to report:

The sixty-seven chapter horror web series 'Marble Hornets' is about to trade up to a much larger viewing window. Mosaic, a company best known for their comedies, is producing a film version of the YouTube sensation based around The Slender Man, or The Operator as he is called in this series. This expansive online narrative began with the story of a film student who abandoned his latest project after encountering The Operator while shooting. From there, the story gets progressively darker and more complex; pulling in other characters trying to solve the mystery of the original film student's disappearance. 'Marble Hornets'was created by Troy Wagner and Joseph Delage and boasts over 250,000 subscribers online. James Moran, second unit director on the most recent 'Paranormal Activity' films, will direct the film, working from a script by Ian Shorr ('Splinter').

As folks are watching this series of videos from behind a blanket, to actually playing the Slender game for PC and Mac, the idea of the Slenderman has been haunting people for years. The Slenderman, as he is called, is a very tall man with no face, and a pure white head. He wears a black suit, has tentacles protruding from his back, and has very long arms said to catch children in the night. Although the basic concept is not scary by itself, it has become a symbol of fear among the internet.

My only concern is that the James Moran, a major contributor to the Paranormal Activity films, is involved. I personally do not see any appeal to those films, and they continue to put out the same garbage every year-but they make money. A lot of money. Stop giving them your money! You're only encouraging them!

My points is, I hope that it does not become gimmicky. Of course, Marble Hornets and Slender is all about suspense and jump scares and truly scaring you, but I simply hope that such an incredible web series does not become watered down by Hollywood. When stories move from amateurs who know what they're doing, to professional who put out crap, it never leads anywhere promising.


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