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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

REVIEW: 'Warm Bodies' Reanimating a Lifeless Cliche

By Bailey Casello

In a world where vampires can still have babies and loving the dead is totally acceptable; Summit Entertainment provides us with 'Warm Bodies', a movies where I was expecting one thing and was totally side-swiped when I was presented with another. I expected a girly version of 'Zombieland', but what I got was an apocalyptic twist on an old classic with an infectious storyline. Your sterotypical zombie is a disease-ridden, decomposing bag of flesh whose sole desire is brains, but the corpses, as they are called, are almost pitiable in that they seem to be waiting to return to a more meaningful existence. The "bonies", however, are completely decomposed corpses who have simply waited too long.

Quick Synopsis: "After R (a highly unusual zombie) saves Julie from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world." -Imdb

So the film starts out with the funny shtick that was in the theatrical trailer. It's refreshing to see that films are producing previews with actual dialogue from the movie, (unlike Paranormal Activity 3, but I digress). You meet R, Nicholas Hoult, right away, and you get to see the everyday life of the zombies. This scene is not dragged out, and you see the other part of civilization relatively early in the movie.

Enter our girl, Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, who is so beautiful that she can make even a dead heart pound. I was actually very fond of our heroine. In my opinion, her acting is decent. She isn't a monotone zombie like Kristen Stewart, but she lacked ialgue, so you couldn't connect to her like you could to R. It is heart-warming and delightful to see the interactions between the main characters evolving over the course of this film.

'Warm Bodies' doesn't flat-line. There may have been a dead spot or two, but the story was exhumed. Overall, I'd say the acting isn't bad-it's quite comedic at times, and I think that there is just enough action that even guys will enjoy it, although clearly the intended audience was women.

I give this picture an 8/10. But that is just one girl's opinion.

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