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Thursday, February 21, 2013

PREVIEW: Star Wars The Clone Wars 5.19 "To Catch A Jedi"

By Dave Bouressa

We are almost at the end of this season. We have one more episode to go after this week's, but before we hit the end of it, let's look into the preview for this week's episode: "To Catch a Jedi".

After last week's stellar episode, we find Ahsoka Tano on the run from the Republic Military, and soon, even the Jedi Order.

To see that even Jedi that know Ahsoka very closely, such as Plo Koon have their doubts about her innocence, it truly makes you wonder how Ahsoka's story is going to end. Even if she does not perish, will she be forever excluded from the Order? And how long will the military keep up their hunt for her?

Check out a second preview at

Find out this Saturday (or Friday if you live in Canada) during "To Hunt a Jedi".

Star Wars The Clone Wars airs Saturday mornings at 9:30am on Cartoon Network.


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