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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PREVIEW: Star Wars The Clone Wars 5.17 "Sabotage"

By Dave Bouressa

We hit Season 5 of The Clone Wars with the final arc. This arc has been promised to be a very important arc for Ahsoka Tano.

"In the first episode of this four-part episode arc, Anakin and Ahsoka are called back from the frontlines to investigate a deadly explosion at the Jedi Temple. Clues surface that a Jedi might have been responsible for the blast." - Big Shiny Robot

Check out the two previews here: 

First, we see a battle in the skies of Cato Nemoidia.

It is certainly great to see "Buzz-droid missiles" being used in this show. However, since Anakin could easily just "force-push" them off the ship, it makes you wonder why Obi-Wan didn't do the same in Revenge of the Sith.

In this second clip, we see the Jedi Council discussing the attack on the Jedi Temple. And for the first time in the shows history, we see a full council.

You can check out the full Episode Guide Here.

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