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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Petition to Save Star Wars: The Clone Wars???

By Dave Bouressa

If you are a fan of Star Wars The Clone Wars, and haven't been living under a rock, you know that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and thus, the rights to Star Wars.

So with that, comes some speculation. Fans began to wonder if The Clone Wars TV series was going to remain on Cartoon Network. It is not. No new network has been "confirmed" at this point, but just about everybody is saying it will be going to Disney XD, which is where Disney places most of it's Marvel and other action-based programming.

However, because Season Six of The Clone Wars has not been confirmed to be on Disney XD at this time, fans are losing their minds. Out of nowhere, there is a sudden fear that The Clone Wars will be cancelled.

There is currently a Petition to Save Star Wars The Clone Wars that is currently picking up speed, and I just want to say some things.

Check out the Petition here:


First of all, should the series actually be in danger of being taken off the air, for whatever reason, I hope that this petition succeeds, or at least has some input to those in control of said things. I love Star Wars The Clone Wars, and it would be a shame to see it gone from my television every weekend.

However, It's not going anywhere! Disney just bought Star Wars! You don't buy something massive like Star Wars and not put out it's current (and very popular) product! That's financial suicide, and frankly doesn't make any sense!!! Also, why would the kill the Star Wars momentum with Episodes VII, VIII and IX on the way, along with multiple stand-alone films. Disney has ZERO REASON to not continue the series.

True, we have had no confirmation that it will be moving to Disney XD, but if it doesn't, that's ok! When the series first began, George Lucas stated multiple times that the show would create 100 episodes, whether the show actually aired on TV or not (this was before Cartoon Network picked up the series), and would be released on either iTunes or DVD (and blu-ray). The Clone Wars has made it to 100 episodes and beyond-and for good reason! It's a good show! In fact, some would even say that it is a great show! It has made Star Wars relevant again, and introduced Star Wars to an entirely new audience. Even if by some chance it DOESN'T end up back in TV, it will be released to purchase through iTunes or DVDs and Blurays! Production on Season Six has already been confirmed with a Seventh Season being rumored! The show has to end at some point, and given how close the show has molded into the events of Revenge of the Sith over the past few episodes, I don't see the show moving past a Seventh Season anyway, if there is one to begin with. I'm quite alright with Season Six being it's last run, whether on TV or not.

If you haven't seen the show, or refused to watch it due to either your shattered views of Star Wars from the Prequel Trilogy or that insultingly poor excuse of a film that launched this series in 2008, you are seriously missing out. Check out what you've been missing and maybe reconsider:

Again, like I said, I love Star Wars The Clone Wars. It is half the reason this entire website even exists. However, this petition has become spam. Perhaps it is my choice in facebook friends, but if one more person posts this petition on my wall, I hope it fails just to shut them up!

The show isn't going anywhere! Relax!


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