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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amazing Spider Man #700-Controversial?

Apparently so. According to several reports, Dan Slott, the author, has even been receiving death threats due to the ending of this comic!!! So what is so controversial about this comic? 


From "Big Shiny Robot":"Doctor Octopus is slowly dying after receiving repeated blows to the head over the years, and has one last bit of revenge to act out against Spider-Man. Two issues ago it was revealed that Ock had switched bodies with Pete leaving our hero in the dying body of one of his greatest villains. How did Ock do this? By using an Octabot that implanted Ock’s consciousness in Pete’s body. Pete, in Ock’s body, breaks out of The Raft while forming his own “Sinister Six.” Finding the Octabot, Pete devises a plan to switch bodies.  Pete tries to use the Octabot after confronting Ock, but discovers that Ock has put metal plating in his suit to block the connection. While gloating Ock starts getting flooded with Pete’s memories. And he starts to replace Pete in those memories. He starts to get overwhelmed after realizing how good of a person Pete was and changes his mind. He doesn’t want the memories, however Ock’s change of heart is too late. Pete is too fargone and is dying in Ock’s body. He tells Ock that he is Spider-Man now and passes on after telling him that “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Ock vows that he will protect those that Pete loved and proclaims himself the “Superior Spider-Man".

Yes, you read that correctly. Peter Parker dies and Doctor Octopus is now Spiderman. 

Even as a non-comic reader, it is clear that this is certainly a odd way to take the character of Spiderman, but keep in mind that in comics, nobody ever truly dies. Batman has died x amount of times, Superman has died even more times than that. Just because Peter Parker is dead, does not mean he will not come back via scientific experiment or the black magic of some spider god. If you are a comic book fan, and/or a fan of Spiderman, I would suggest checking this one out! Apparently this book runs a bit high in the price range, running at around $7.99, but the near 100 page seems to make up for that.


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